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Our mission is to help leaders, entrepreneurs and investors generate positive impact at scale.  Our clients are visionaries and change agents who are using the power of enterprise to tackle big problems and improve lives.

We are organized as a California benefit corporation, with the stated purpose of deepening and broadening the practice of conscious capitalism through the practice of law.

We seek to achieve this purpose through alignment with certain core values and principles:

  • Higher Purpose.  Our purpose is to help build a more just, prosperous, and healthy world by helping leaders build, finance and scale organizations that generate positive impact at scale.   Our vision is a world in which humanity's creative spirit and entrepreneurial drive is harnessed for good.

  • Stakeholder Orientation.  We believe successful organizations are founded upon sustainable, value-driven relationships with all stakeholders, from clients and partners, to shareholders and investors, to employees and suppliers, to the natural environment that sustains us all.  Our legal practice is focused not merely on compliance or risk mitigation but on the proactive creation with clients of a thriving organizational ecosystem that acknowledges interdependence and supports mutual benefit on all levels.

  • Conscious Leadership.  We are dedicated to leadership, excellence and mastery in our profession, and we strive to embody those qualities in our work as legal advisors.  This requires first and foremost that we hold ourselves up to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the way we practice law, advise our clients, and operate our own business.  It demands thoughtfulness, rigor and diligence, tempered with a humility that acknowledges we are perpetual students engaged in never-ending process of learning and improvement.

  • Conscious Culture.  We view the legal dimensions of an organization, from its charter documents to its approach to employment matters, corporate finance and business negotiations, as integral to its culture and its identity.  In all that we do, we partner with leaders to build healthy organizational cultures and business relationships that are aligned with their vision, support well-being, innovation and engagement, and drive positive impact and financial results.  This work starts with our own culture as a law firm and emanates from there.  

Our Approach to Billing and Legal Fees

We are a boutique transactional firm that provides a sophisticated, mission-aligned alternative to large firm practices.  Our billing rates are consistent with our level of training and decades of experience guiding founders and organizations to exceptional results.

That said, we work hard to improve upon traditional law firm billing practices by developing transparent billing arrangements that work best for clients.   We eschew hourly billing whenever possible, preferring fixed fee engagements that place client and lawyer in an aligned relationship.  To achieve this, we work closely with clients on pricing models guided by three fundamental principles:

  • Investment.  Legal engagements should be structured as investments made by leadership teams to achieve clear organizational objectives.  Clients should understand the amount and purpose of their investment before proceeding, and the investment should deliver positive returns and make good sense for the organization. 

  • Value.  Where possible, our compensation should be based on value delivered, rather than time expended.

  • Mutual Respect.  We respect the challenges of growing successful organizations, including the need to operate leanly and invest cash wisely, and we expect that clients likewise respect the training, demands and expertise required to deliver our services at the level we provide.

Our Guarantee

These are not just words - they are our pledge and our guarantee. If we fail to live up to these standards, we expect our clients to tell us about it so that we can do what's necessary to make it right.