Leveraging our founder's training in law, coaching and psychology, BCL offers impactful learning programs focused on helping leaders create healthy, engaged and high-impact organizations.   Tailored to the specific needs of each client through a careful intake and exploration of the client's specific objectives and challenges, our training generally focus on the performance fundamentals outlined below. 

Cofounder Dynamics

Cofounder Dynamics is 4 week virtual training for entrepreneurial teams and business partners. Focused on the interpersonal challenges of partnership, this program is designed to help founding teams harness the full potential of their partnership, while avoiding the most common pitfalls. Learn more here.

Leadership Development Programs

Managing For Employee Engagement

This program focuses on improving the level of engagement in a team or organization.  Engagement is the quality of attention and focus being brought to bear on the work of operating a business. Prevailing ideas around engagement leave a key variable out of the discussion: the innate capacity of human beings to rise to the occasion and engage fully, regardless of circumstances. It debunks prevailing myths about so-called obstacles to engagement and awakens leaders to a variable that profoundly influences virtually every dimension of performance.

Leading From Wisdom

A leader's impact expands in proportion to the depth and clarity of thought and the quality of presence they bring to bear on their work.  This program focuses on this largely-overlooked variable in leadership -- a variable we call "grounding."   Grounding is a quality that deepens as we gain deeper and fuller understanding of human nature.   The purpose of this program is to deepen participants' grounding, impact and effectiveness as leaders through a more leveraged understanding of the nature of being human.  

Communication and Team Dynamics

Most interpersonal and managerial trainings rely on techniques or practices to improve communication and collaboration.  These approaches fall short for the simple reason that "techniques" generally clutter the mind and stifle authentic expression.  People intuitively (and rightly) have no desire to use "techniques" when relating to other people and trying to get work done. That’s why techniques fall by wayside.

This program offers a better way.  Focusing on universal elements of human relationships, we help participants' gain a deeper understanding of how people and relationships work at fundamental levels. That understanding steers people in natural and instinctive ways towards improved rapport and enhanced team dynamics, without reliance on artificial "techniques."  The result is a natural, unforced improvement in individual and collective sense of well-being and connectedness.    

Legal Programs

Activating the Power of Your Benefit Corporation

Targeted to founders, directors and officers of Benefit Corporations, this program shares how one of the most important advances in corporate law in our generation provides leaders with powerful tools to build thriving organizations that drive positive impact.  We discuss innovations in corporate purpose and corporate governance and stakeholder management theory embodied in Benefit Corporation legislation and how visionaries are using them in their organizations.

Corporate Governance and The Benefit Corporation

This training is for directors and officers of benefit corporations and focuses on the unique corporate governance mandate of the benefit corporation.  The programs includes a review of the background law of fiduciary duties, how benefit corporations modify and expand those duties, and suggested corporate governance practices to implement the unique mandate of your benefit corporation.   

Training formats are customized and may include on-site learning seminars, off-site intensives, and one-on-one engagements.  To discuss our training approach in more depth, please contact Francesco Barbera at francesco@barberalawfirm.com or 310.896.8392.

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