Benefit Corporations, Social Purpose Corporations and Sustainable Business


The traditional for-profit and non-profit dichotomy is often inadequate to the task of structuring mission-driven enterprises. Many founders and social enterprises are seeking innovative structures that enable them to pursue both financial sustainability and profit while advancing public and global benefit.

Legislatures have responded to this need in recent years, introduced new corporate structures, such as benefit corporations and social purpose corporations, that provide fresh alternatives for impact-driven ventures. 

We advise entrepreneurs, investors and executive teams seeing to understand, evaluate and implement the legal structures available to them to achieve their impact-driven goals.   Evaluation of these corporate structures often involves a considered evaluation of the impact model, including capital raising requirements.

Our expertise includes:  

  • Benefit Corporations
  • Social Purpose Corporations
  • Certified B Corporations and other Certifications
  • Hybrid Legal Structures (With For-Profit and Non-Profit Components)
  • Low Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3Cs)
  • Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations

Clients who are adopting these structures are playing a leading role in redefining how business is done in the United States and globally.  Our goal is to support that shift with industry-leading expertise in the legal dimensions of the impact and social enterprise sectors.