Employment and Incentive Compensation Programs

Business and social enterprise are collective endeavors.  Our approach to employment and incentive compensation matters is driven by the understanding that fulfilled, creative and engaged employees are the driving force behind all successful organizations.  

Our objective in employment matters is to move beyond the tired paradigm of false antagonism between employer and employee. We help clients implement employment practices that support healthy organizational cultures and enable all contributors to work with aligned incentives towards the same shared vision.  

While compliance is a critical dimension of our work, equally critical, in our view, is supporting leaders in their effort to build effective, fully-human organizations that fuel performance through enlightened management practices.   We work as legal partners to executive teams that seek to realize that outcome.

Our employment practice involves the representation of clients in a wide-range of employment and compensation matters including:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Incentive Compensation Programs
  • Stock Option, Phantom Stock and Stock Appreciation Rights Programs
  • Employment Handbooks
  • Employment Policies and Practices
  • Mediation of Employment and Workplace Disputes

Our legal expertise is complemented by training capabilities designed to help leaders create working cultures that drive well-being and performance.