Startup and Emerging Growth Companies

We advise founders of new enterprises as well as growth and development stage companies with the full range of startup legal matters, including co-founder agreements, business formation, employment and intellectual property matters, stock options and incentive compensation, and the acquisition of friends, family, angel and venture financing.  

We are attuned to the unique budget constraints of early stage ventures and provide representation based upon the highest standards of Silicon Valley best practices, typically at a fraction of the cost of large firms. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Co-Founder Agreements
  • Entity Selection and Corporation Formation
  • Capital Raising Transactions (Seed, Angel, Venture)
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property Matters
  • Employment and Consulting Agreements
  • Internet Development and Software Agreements
  • Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and Internet IP Matters
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Stock Options and Incentive Compensation Plans


Our startup and emerging company practice equips companies and investors for success. We enable entrepreneurs to build their venture on a solid legal foundation, so they can focus on what ultimately matters: building a great business.