Strategic General Counsel

In select cases, businesses seeking a dedicated general counsel on their executive team without the expense of in-house staff may benefit from our Strategic General Counsel Program. This flat-fee program is designed to enable early-stage executive teams to integrate legal counsel into day-to-day governance and management matters, enabling then to lay a stronger foundation for growth, while minimizing budgetary uncertainty. 

We offer Strategic General Counsel arrangements only after we have worked with a client for some period of time and we each have come to know and trust each other and understand how we can best work together to help advance your goals and grow your organization.  We then customize a program accordingly.   For a fixed monthly fee, clients generally may receive:

  • A dedicated General Counsel, familiar with the needs and objectives of your specific business, aligned with your core vision, committed to your success.
  • Spot Legal Consultations for Core Executive Team Members.
  • Employment ad HR Counseling
  • A fixed amount of legal services per month (programs vary) at no additional charge.  
  • Preferred rates for additional legal work.
  • Ongoing audit and optimization of: Employment Policies and Practices, Key Customer, Vendor and Supplier Agreements and Policies, Intellectual Property Portfolio Policies and Practices, and Compliance Matters specific to your industry
  • Board Advisory and Governance Matters
  • Maintenance of Corporate Capitalization Table
  • Maintenance of Corporate Legal Records